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EBH Radio Software GmbH is a 36-year experienced company. Our customers are: Radio- and TV-Stations, Franchise- and Retail Groups. Worldwide hotel Groups and Cruise Line Ships.

About us

EBH Radio Software GmbH is a 36-year experienced company. Our customers are:

Radio- and TV-Stations
Franchise- and Retail Groups
Worldwide settled hotel Groups and Cruise Line Ships

EBH develops audio- and video solutions for marketing campaigns.

Our brands and solutions are:

ROSI BMS - Music playout system for Ships, Hotels, Broadcast Stations and Retail Groups

REPERTOIRE - Music Rotation Software for Radio- and TV Stations
FastNews - a modern Newsroom concept for Broadcast Stations

SMUSIC (PhoneApp) - an exiting new way to correspond with Radio listeners

SPOTDIRECT - the latest generation of commercial scheduling tools.

EBH Radio Software GmbH
Haferwende 27
28357 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 2048480
Fax: +49 421 2048489
Internet: www.ebh.com

Contact person

Frank Harress
Managing Director
Phone: +49 421 2048480

Products and Services

On the IBC EBH will launch several new products:

1. REPERTOIRE/21st - the absolute new release of EBH's music scheduler for Broadcasters. Fantastic new functionalities, 7 worldwide patents built in.

2. ROSI BMS - Playout software for music - new release "8" - available after July 1st 2021. Unlimited quality of parallel music channels for Broadcasters, cruise ships and retail groups.

3. SMUSIC - the world's first interactive phone app where your listeners can create music playout in real-time on your station! Unbelievable? Come and see!

4. SPOTDIRECT - an internet based commercial planning software for retail- and franchise-groups. Coordinate your advertisers nationwide, in specific regions of the country or just for one outlet. SPOTDIRECT is earning money for your company...

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